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Posted Mar 22, 2021

Advantages of optimizing UX for your business website 

Forbes magazine has revealed that businesses can increase the website conversion rate by 200% if the website has a standard and eye-catching interface. This figure can go up to 400% if we focus on investing in user experience on the website.

However, in reality, businesses have not fully realized the importance of user experience when accessing their website.

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1. UX and its mission

The term UX is no longer too unfamiliar to businesses when focusing on building their website. UX stands for User Experience and was first appeared in the popular anthology “The Design of Everyday Things” by Don Norman. It can be understood simply as a phrase to refer to someone’s action, feeling, or reaction to a certain service, product, or space. In the broadest sense, UX is how a person feels when interfacing with a system. In a narrower sense, UX is often associated with technical devices such as phones, computers, or associated with websites.

Currently, most businesses focus on designing websites so that they are beautiful, suitable with the direction of the business as well as the product, but forget that user experience is important.

All products come out with an interface built for users to interact, and that interaction becomes an experience. The mission of UX website design is to make those experiences better by arranging and layout the website properly. With the focus on user feelings towards the website when using, UX offers its own requirements and standards that require the designers to comply, ensuring to achieve the highest efficiency. This hinges on many different factors such as page speed on a website, color, and look of a website, website layout, etc.

2. Why do you need to optimize UX for your business website?

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The statistics from Statista.com have come up with a staggering number: In 2019, there are 26.66 billion smart devices in the world. This number is estimated to reach 75.44 billion by 2025. It can be seen that focusing on digital marketing strategies, especially on website platforms is the key to help businesses quickly reach groups of customers and have more opportunities for sustainable development. Therefore, a good user experience on the website will leave significant benefits.

2.1. Leave a good impression on users

As of January 2020, there are more than 1.74 billion websites on the Internet. This number also raises a problem that businesses need to recognize: How to make the website more special than other websites? How can we compete with the websites of businesses in the same industry?

A good impression on users when experiencing the website is the solution that we can choose. If you only have 30 seconds but have to list a website that you like the most, how will you remember the website? Having outstanding colors, eye-catching images, attractive content, extremely fast page loading, beautiful fonts…? Anything can make you remember about the website you used to visit.

A website can meet the needs of users, make them feel excited and happy with the time they visit the website, which will make users tend to remember this website longer. When looking for information, products, they will choose to access your website first instead of choosing other websites.

2.2. Retaining potential customers

Have you ever wondered, why are the indicators on your website getting worse? The bounce rate is getting higher and higher, but the time on site (the time the user is on the website) is getting lower? One of the reasons why the indexes on the website of the business tend to deteriorate is that customers have had bad experiences when using the website.

Therefore, the advantage of owning a good website, capable of meeting the expectations of visitors, is that you will keep them on your website longer.

Not only that, but a good user experience on the website is also the link between users and businesses in the future. Users tend to come back to the website more than once if they find the website really useful and interesting to them.

2.3. Stimulate customers to choose to buy products


A one-second delay in page loading can cost you 7% of the chance that a customer will choose to buy the product (Statista.com). Moreover, this website also said that some main reasons why customers do not choose to buy products on your business website include: shipping costs are too high, not ready to buy, products are not eligible. For free shipping, shipping costs are shown too late during the purchase, and the website loads too slowly. It can be seen that ⅖ of the reason comes from customer experience on the website is not really good. Improving this factor can help businesses bring customer satisfaction and motivate customers to choose to buy products.

Besides, not all customers decide to buy from the first time they visit the website. Therefore, if you bring customers a great experience, you will accidentally “remind” customers to choose their brand next time. This will encourage customers to choose to buy your product more easily.

Amazon – the largest and famous e-commerce platform in the world once shared that it has improved the UX on its website, making the website more professional. Since then, Amazon’s revenue has increased by $300 million a year. This is the best demonstration of the importance of user experience on the website.

2.4. Reduce the cases of customers complaining about the service

One of the problems that most businesses have to deal with is handling dissatisfied customers and complaints to customer care facilities. Businesses have to invest a large amount of money for the customer support technicians when the website has problems such as failure to pay, duplicate orders, … If improving UX, businesses not only reduce situations where customers complain but also reduce investment costs for the customer care department.

In general, user experience on the website is an important determinant of the success and development of a business. When building and developing a website, do not ignore this factor

3. Criteria of good quality UX

Website design meeting UX standards is an important thing to pay attention to. At that time, any website put into use will be highly effective, get the ideal quality, and bring effective application as desired. Determining the standards to evaluate UX quality helps the website design and completion process to put into use smoothly.

3.1. Convey the message

Before implementing web programming, the first thing we need to do is define exactly the actual goal. Completing the website for what, what the message is to convey, which audience, … all need to be considered, calculated, and identified in a specific way. At that time, having useful information, appropriate orientation and accurate and appropriate UX design will be ensured. Especially with the service industries, customers need to convey the best, then customers can trust and they are more satisfied such as restaurant website design, travel website design, spa web design, … Characteristics of the service industry is to bring the message to the user.

The message is better conveyed in the interface, in each module, each function, or the image, content, … use. At that time, providing the ideal and effective experience for each user’s needs is guaranteed the best.

3.2. Navigation and availability

Navigation and usability are factors that are directly related to SEO. From menu bars, or to navigation systems, … on the website are calculated to arrange scientifically and reasonably to bring high efficiency to use. At that time, creating a friendly interface, also ensuring that it can be easily used is the best deal.

Web design meets UI / UX standards when having an interface suitable for all users’ usage, in addition to the ability to easily navigate to the product during the application process. At that time, the easy operation just through simple mouse clicks, easy to perform are guaranteed to be the best solution. This is also an important note that we need to pay attention to implement, proceed fully.

3.3. Clarity and coherence

When designing a clear UX, coherence but continuity is paramount. Creating a friendly website but clearly and effectively convey new messages that bring high efficiency to use brings an ideal experience for the needs and actual requirements of each user. To achieve that coherence and clarity when designing UX for the website, it is necessary to take note of:

– Ensuring the distance, the ratio between the parts on the overall interface is balanced and reasonable. Being able to meet the ratio standards according to international grids will help create a website with the best guaranteed interface.

– Note that in choosing colors, fonts, font sizes, or images, … there is harmony, arranged logically and scientifically.

Standard UX website design is an important requirement that needs to be met and fully completed. Learn to know about UX, get the right understanding so that the on-demand applications that you want are handled well. If you want to design and put your website into use, compliance with UX standards is something worth paying attention to.

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